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Project Description

Glen Industries

77 Grey Street, Glen Innes NSW 2370
Phone: 02 6732 1648
Fax: 02 6732 4618

Glen Industries is an Australian Disability Enterprise providing supported employment and training for people with a Disability. We are a not for profit charitable organisation and receive some funding from the Federal Government, Department of Social Services, to provide on the job support, skill development and assessments for individuals whom otherwise may not be active in the workforce. Our Core Services are:

  • Industries: providing ironing, document shredding, packaging and business support services
  • Horticulture: providing lawns and grounds maintenance, gardening, propagation, tree planting, car washing, firewood collection and delivery services
  • Recycling: providing collection and processing services for commercial and curb side recycling
  • Woodwork: providing custom timber furniture, garden and household products, survey pegs, garden stakes and kindling
We are continually seeking opportunities that add value and significance for the lives of our employees.

Glen Industries