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Minerama Fossicking, Gem & Jewellery Show

As the largest annual fossicking, gem and jewellery show in NSW, Minerama has been drawing regular visitors to Glen Innes Highlands for 20 years. Held every year in March, Minerama is perfect for all gem lovers, rockhounds and outdoor adventurers. Search for buried treasure in Celtic Country with a 3 day program (Friday to Sunday) of guided fossicking field trips to suit both beginner and experienced gem hunters.

Great fun for the whole family with a wealth of gems just waiting to be unearthed.

Entry to the Gem & Jewellery Show at the Glen Innes Showgrounds is FREE. There are over 100+ stalls trading in gemstones, fine jewellery, facet rough, lapidary tools & supplies, crystals, beads, fossils, mineral specimens, arts, crafts and more. Whether you are after a two-dollar special, a gemstone of world-class quality or a unique piece of jewellery you’ll find it at Minerama.

From $2 specials to fine investment gems – whatever your interest and budget, you’ll find it at Minerama:

  • Cut gems, opal & pearls
  • Facet rough gems
  • Fine jewellery
  • Metaphysical crystals
  • Rare fossils & mineral specimens
  • Beads & beading supplies
  • Lapidary tools & supplies
  • Arts & crafts
  • Field Trips
  • Mystery Salt & Pepper Field Trips

Minerama also features gem cutting and beading displays, free advice from gemmologists, dealers, lapidariarists & jewellers, and plenty of entertainment throughout the weekend.

While Glen Innes Highlands is renowned for its high quality blue sapphire, there is a wealth of other gems and minerals found in the area.

Location Glen Innes & District Services Club, 120 Grey Street, Glen Innes and flowing behind the Services Club onto the beautiful King George Oval where the tailgaters are located and there is plenty of space to spread out.

Minerama features an expansive program of fully guided fossicking field trips with exclusive locations to suit both novice fossickers and avid enthusiasts. Possible finds include sapphire, garnet, topaz, beryl and much more. With large and valuable gems found each year, it is certainly possible to more than pay for your weekend away!

Free entry to the Gem Show with over 70 dealers trading in gemstones, fine jewellery, facet rough, lapidary supplies, crystals, beads, fossils, mineral specimens, arts & crafts, etc. Expert gem cutters, dealers and gemmologists are on hand to provide advice on your find, treasure or purchase.

Other attractions include daily gem cutting demonstrations, free gemmology advice and crystal sieving for the kids. Widely acknowledged as the best gem show on the circuit, the excellent venue also offers bistro meals, free evening, entertainment & friendly locals.

Minerama features plenty of entertainment, demonstrations and expert advice throughout the weekend for Minerama visitors! Visit the website for details on the gem show program and field trips.

Minerama offers a great opportunity to explore the rich mining history of Glen Innes and district so stay a bit longer and dig a little deeper. The Glen Innes Highlands district has in the past been an important tin and sapphire producing area. Other minerals of note include quartz (clear, smoky, amethyst, citrine), beryl (emerald & aqua), topaz, garnet, bismuth, wolfram, tin, flourite, etc.