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The Masonic Centre – Glen Innes

Tickets: Adult $35; Members and Concession $30 (Available at Carelles in August)


Enjoy a skit with an alternate happier ending to the classic film.

Princess Neleh and her troupe of belly dancers “Shimmy in the Glen” will entertain throughout the evening.

After dessert we finish the night with a toast to the star-crossed lovers and a slow dance for all the lovers in the house, playing Rick and Ilsa’s song.


Enjoy a traditional Arabic Mezze Grazing Table with Moroccan, French, Italian, Spanish and German delights with an extensive menu of savoury and sweet dishes.

Dress in 1940s formal wear, with tuxedos or suits and long gowns. Men and women wore hats, so a fez, a fedora and an assortment of ladies’ hats of the era help evoke the aura of Rick’s in the early days of World War II.

While smoking is not allowed fake cigarette holders add to the theme.

You might even like to go native and wear traditional Moroccan kaftans etc.

Anyone can join in the fun by donning on a trench coat, white tuxedo coat or white suit or dress. Add a 40’s hat for flair and you will most certainly be greeted with “Here’s looking at you kid”!