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Glen Innes Show Kitchen

January 30th, 2018|

Thank you for your overwhelming interest and support of the 2018 Glen Innes Show Kitchen- we can’t wait to see your delectable entries. We have noted a few final things of interest below.

  • The Feature cake will be judged in collaboration with the Gourmet Fiesta committee and the 2018 Celebrity Chefs the Monday morning Cooking Club 12.30pm Friday 9th in the Gourmet Fiesta tent. This is not to be missed and a wonderful gesture by the Gourmet Committee for which we extend sincere thanks.
  • Remember our 2018 Judge is Mrs. Rhonda Marchant (a Sydney Royal Easter Show Judge) who is generously supporting us with her vast knowledge. Also we have special classes including a men’s only class, commemorative ribbons, increased prize money and many more trophies.
  • There will be 7 free pre-booked[email protected] cake decorating classes available on Friday(Adults) and Saturday(children) in the old basketball 11-12pm. Again a not to be missed 150th Anniversary show special attraction.
  • Let us know how we can help you support the 2018 Show Kitchen 0429345255 or [email protected];

Warm Regards
The Glen innes Show Kitchen Committee

Glen Innes Show

January 13th, 2018|

Glen Innes Show

2018 is the 150th anniversary of the Glen Innes Show. To celebrate this milestone a new committee brings many changes to Section 259 Cooking. We appreciate your support by entering into the “Glen Innes Show Kitchen”. Our committee is delighted to announce the judge Mrs Rhonda Marchant a Sydney Royal Easter Show judge, and in collaboration with the Gourmet Fiesta Committee our 2018 Feature cake is a recipe from their Celebrity Chefs The Monday Morning Cooking Club.

Our aim is to honor the popular classics whilst introducing new classes reflecting current cultural and social trends balancing sweet savory and healthy choices. Especially in 2018 the support of past and new sponsors is acknowledged in the revised schedule. The show website has the schedule along with some basic tips and general information to assist you.

New in 2018 are – The Combined selling Agents Men’s Challenge Cake.

  • Standing Stones Celtic cake
  • The Faithful family pavlova
  • Homemade apron for every child that exhibits
  • Commemorative ribbons, additional trophies and increased prize money
  • The Faithful family pavlova
  • Free Pre booked Cake decorating classes will be available 11-12 Friday (adults) and Saturday (children)
  • Commemorative ribbons, additional trophies and increased prize money
  • Suggestion box
  • Special class for service, school, sporting, social, church & other groups.
  • Later time for entries to be delivered and no tin size restrictions
  • Great creative classes for all aged children

Our committee is here to help you and can be contacted by email at [email protected]. If you have never entered baking at our show we hope you do in 2018 and look forward to a delectable showcase of our community’s talented and passionate cooks.

Happy baking!
The Glen Innes Show Kitchen Committee

Celts-Warriors, Poets and Craftsman

January 11th, 2018|

New to the 2018 Australian Celtic Festival
The Celts-Warriors, Poets and Craftsman
May 3rd

A free one day symposium to learn more about the Celts
with presentations, posters and pictures!

The perfect opportunity for interested amateur and professional historians.

View details

Outlandish – Outlander Fan Gathering

January 11th, 2018|

Official Outlandish Fan Gathering Lantern Dancers from the Aussie Outlander Fan Club Photo Credit: Colin Wood

Official Outlandish Fan Gathering Lantern Dancers from the Aussie Outlander Fan Club
Photo Credit: Colin Wood

See the Lantern Dance in the wee small hours at The Australian Standing Stones site on 20th October. You will know then that you have been transported back to 1743!

Now that 2018 is well under way, the Outlandish group is working at a frenetic pace to bring everything together for your enjoyment of an awesome experience weekend.

You can start now to prepare your accent for October. Visit to take lessons from your favourite Outlander characters. If you’ve always wondered how to pronounce Sassenach or Slàinte Mhath, now is your chance to find out. There are 8 lessons in this fun set of videos so take advantage of it right now!

You will find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions on the website as well. And this is where you can see the latest program updates and book your ticket.