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The Benefits of you being a partner with the Glen Innes Highlands Visitor Association Inc.

For your business, other businesses, your town and everybody in and around it

But, am I part of the Tourism Industry?

Given that recent figures indicate that the regional income from agriculture was some $55.4 million, and that from tourism $40 million with daylight third, everybody benefits from the tourist dollar and we are all involved in some way. You may be providing a service, usually recognized as tourism related e.g. accommodation, food and beverage, a fossicking or horse venture or a Museum or Gallery. Or you may own or work in a business which benefits e.g. mechanical workshop, clothing, souvenirs and trinkets, food and groceries, real estate (people on holidays are often tempted to move to somewhere they like), pharmacies and any number of other enterprises.

If you are not working it may be important to you to assist the shops and business by providing visitors with a smiling face and helping hand, thus creating a positive memory in their mind.

If more money comes into our area everybody benefits and our parks, streets, shops and business prosper and our environment improves.

It is worth noting that the market usually known as ‘VFR’ visiting friends or relatives is a very important market, about 40% of domestic tourism is of this kind, and far from all staying with the family or friends almost 40% stay with accommodation providers.

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