Outlandish Fan Gathering

Official Outlandish Fan Gathering Lantern Dancers from the Aussie Outlander Fan Club
Photo Credit: Colin Wood

See the Lantern Dance in the wee small hours at The Australian Standing Stones site on 20th October. You will know then that you have been transported back to 1743!

Now that 2018 is well under way, the Outlandish group is working at a frenetic pace to bring everything together for your enjoyment of an awesome experience weekend.

You can start now to prepare your accent for October. Visit outlanderfangathering.com.au to take lessons from your favourite Outlander characters. If you’ve always wondered how to pronounce Sassenach or Slàinte Mhath, now is your chance to find out. There are 8 lessons in this fun set of videos so take advantage of it right now!

You will find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions on the website as well.