Glen Innes Highlands Progressive Country

Progress in the Highlands

In Glen Innes Highlands we are committed and supportive of new ideas, industries and opportunities that contribute towards our local and regional economy. For a region rich in heritage we are continuing to attract a broad range of businesses and investors leveraging and capitalising on our endowments.

The Region has a high altitude, cool temperate climate at a subtropical latitude. It is characterised by four distinct seasons, cooler temperatures, low humidity, relatively high and reliable rainfall, high light intensity and, in some exposed localities, strong, consistent winds. This climate is ideal for a range of activities including: horticulture, wind and solar energy generation, livestock and cropping, bee-keeping, tourism and lifestyle living/retiree sector. The Region is one of the few areas forecast to benefit from climate change.

Our climate, water resources, mineral deposits, location and accessibility are all endowments that can be leveraged to retain or establish industries. In fact we have the largest undeveloped hard-rock tin deposit in Australia and possibly in the world. A tin min and processing plant has been approved and further exploration is occurring.

Tourism and lifestyle attract visitors and tree changers every year.  The natural beauty of our region with high concentrations of World Heritage areas, National Parks, State Conservation Areas,

Nature Reserves and State Parks and a diversity of quality tourist attractions, activities, accommodation, festivals and events makes for a vibrant community.

Our Region has significant and growing specialisations in livestock and horticulture industries. The key livestock industries are beef cattle, sheep, venison and goat farming. However, there are a number of emerging horticultural endeavours across a range of fruit, nuts, flowers and more.

Although not a specialisation, the Region has a small manufacturing sector that produces specialty products, including hearses, digital-based photographic products, quality racing equipment for jockeys and horses, safety and automation devices and systems, auto-balers for waste management and metal piers.

The renewable energy sector is a new and growing industry for the Region. Due to its climatic and locational advantages the Region has been identified by TransGrid as an optimal location for large scale renewable energy projects. Find out more here.

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Join our Connected Business Community

We may be a small community, about 9000 – and growing – but already four companies, Autobaler Pty LtdStar LogixsPhoto Create and Rangers Valley feedlot, have a national and global reach.

And Glen Innes Highlands is a great place to live: a tranquil, Heritage town with one traffic light, charming villages, law abiding community, superb climate…. naturally air-conditioned summers, logfire winters. A great place for families, retirees – your business.

We have festivals, the biggest the Australian Celtic Festival, centred around the Australian Standing Stones, official national monument to the nation’s Celtic pioneers, Minerama, celebrating gem and mineral wealth, World Heritage national parks forty minutes down the road, stunning town parklands, excellent educational and sporting facilities, flourishing art and cultural environment.

We’re strategically located, at the intersection of two major highways, New England and Gwydir, just four and a half hours’ drive from Brisbane, three and half Ballina, Gold Coast and Toowoomba (with its international airfreight hub), two and a half to Tamworth, seven from Sydney.

The 2018-2020 Economic Development Strategy for the Northern New England High Country Region, embracing Glen Innes Severn and Tenterfield shires, points out the region has Australia’s largest, undeveloped, hard rock tin deposit. The deposit is also rich in ‘rare earth metals’ including lithium, rubidium and molybdenum – which have applications in the electronics, aerospace, advanced manufacturing and renewable energy sectors.

Supportive & Helpful Council

Glen Innes Severn Council’s philosophy is embracing change, building on history – we work with new and existing businesses to help them create the ideal solution for their business idea.

Council has simplified the development application process, established a Business Incentive Fund, has a procurement policy that favours local businesses and helps with grant applications. It has also launched a campaign to attract professionals and skilled workers to Glen Innes Highlands. Business owners can also use Council resources to promote job opportunities.

Ideal environment: When the question is put to business owners, Why Glen Innes Highlands? Their invariable foremost response is: Quality of life.