Glen Innes Highlands Progressive Country

Business Opportunities Await

The Glen Innes Severn Council alongside our associations and business community encourage and support more businesses relocating or starting up in the Glen Innes Highlands.

The combination of Council assistance, logistics, enhanced mobile coverage and faster broadband, government grants, logistics, land values and lifestyle make Glen Innes Highlands the ideal choice for business, investment and skilled workers.

Our Economic Development Strategy and Council has identified buildings available and ready for development, including saleyards, cold storage and much central industrial land. And our business leaders in workshops have identified some of the opportunities just waiting to be exploited:

Motor sports complex

Motor sports are under-represented in regional Australia. Glen Innes Highlands’ strategic location at the intersection of the New England and Gwydir Highways, a few hours from Brisbane and the coast make it an ideal centre for these crowd-drawing sports – and there’s land available.

Car dealership

Our growing population together with the flourishing new wind and solar farming industries open the way for a new car dealership to service Northern New England and the North West slopes.


Three significant renewable energy projects have already been approved for Glen Innes Highlands district by the NSW Government. Demand for renewable energy is rapidly increasing – there are few communities where installation of solar panels is growing as fast as Glen Innes Highlands, up by almost 20 per cent in the past year.

Niche crops

Several niche crops are ideally suited to Glen Innes Highlands’ soils and cool climate. Just one example, lavender. With demand outstripping supply, Glen Innes Highlands offers a climate similar to the world’s best lavender-growing regions. Small-scale plantings confirm the plant thrives in our environment.

Greenhouse horticulture

The success of the large-scale greenhouse tomato farm at Guyra, 59km south of Glen Innes, is an indication of the suitability of the New England Highlands to this type of farming. With large areas of level land available, Glen Innes Highlands offers huge potential.

Dairy farming

Sales are up, profits are up, export demand is up. All that’s needed are more people seizing the opportunity to develop cow, sheep and goat dairy enterprises. With good, well-priced land, existing cold storage and freezer facilities and ready access to Toowoomba’s international freight hub, the time is right.

Industrial hub

Council has land available for development into a significant regional industrial estate with connections west via the Gwydir Highway, east to the coast and north to Toowoomba’s Wellcamp international air cargo hub.

Equestrian facilities

With Tamworth’s Equine and Livestock Events Centre a huge success – it is frequently booked out – there’s potential to cater for overflow.

Health Services & Aged Care Facilities

Given its climate and affordable housing, Glen Innes Highlands is a popular pre-and post-retirement option. With this influx, there’s a growing need for health services and, especially, aged care facilities.


Washpool and Gibraltar Range World Heritage National Parks present opportunities for ecotourism enterprises, including mountain biking, wildlife photography and hiking.

Home & micro businesses

Faster internet access makes Glen Innes Highlands a perfect base for businesses operating from home – whether digital, artisanal produce, craft or service. Work remotely and commute occasionally to cities from neighbouring town Armidale or Inverell, less than an hour’s drive away.

Trades & professions

A growing economy and influx of tree changers gives scope for trades people and service providers. Typically, there’s more demand for carpenters, aged care professionals, other professional services, medical practitioners and veterinarians.

Part-time work

And many people, especially pre-retirees and retirees, find they can supplement income with part- time work in town or starting their own hobby business whilst joining local committees or interest groups.

Tree Change for Lifestyle

Glen Innes Highlands is ideal for tree-changers, people who can telecommute, semi-retirees and active retirees; boutique / specialist agricultural producers, artisans and manufacturers; and the ‘creative’ professions such as architects and designers. The retiree sector (for which Aged Care is a proxy) is a regional specialisation.

According to a recent survey, our tree changers over the last ten years have been across all age groups with just under half under the age of 44, almost 60% married with children and almost 54% with a Graduate or Bachelor degree. Why did they move here? Family, climate, work, community, business, country living, health, business opportunity and affordability were some of the main reasons according to our survey.

Over 20% of our tree changers visited our town before they decided to move here – there is loads to see and do, from national parks to art and culture and a whole host of annual events, markets and more – you’ll love it just as we do! Interestingly the majority of tree changers didn’t have any family connection to Glen Innes Highlands, nor did their partner.

If you’re thinking of a tree change we’re always happy to have a chat, put you in touch with some locals or discuss business opportunities that could facilitate your move to our beautiful town. Just get in touch with team at the Visitor Information Centre.

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